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This page lists affiliations and responsibilities as they were during the 1991 through 1995 seasons.
Jack L. Davis, University of Cincinnati
Historical StudiesSusan E. Alcock, University of Michigan
Field DirectionJohn Bennet, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Earlier Prehistoric CeramicsYiannos G. Lolos, University of Ioannina
Later Prehistoric Ceramics and Museum ManagementCynthia W. Shelmerdine, University of Texas-Austin
Earth SciencesEberhard Zangger, Geoarchaeological Reconstructions-Zurich
Advisory Board
Emmett L. Bennett Jr., University of Wisconsin-Madison
William P. Donovan, Macalaster College
George S. Korres, University of Athens
Mabel L. Lang, Bryn Mawr College
William A. McDonald, University of Minnesota
Stella G. Miller, Bryn Mawr College
Richard Hope Simpson, Queens University
Spatial Analyis and Internet Access
Sebastian Heath, University of Michigan
Data Base Management
Debi Harlan, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Early Prehistoric PotteryYiannos G. Lolos, University of Ioannina
Sharon G. Stocker, University of Cincinnati
Later Prehistoric PotteryCynthia W. Shelmerdine, University of Texas-Austin
Greek PotteryAnn B. Harrison, The J. Paul Getty Center
Roman PotteryAndrea Berlin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Sebastian Heath, University of Michigan
Byzantine PotterySharon Gerstel, University of Maryland-College Park
Modern PotteryKim Shelton, Greek Archaeological Society
Ceramic EcologyMichael Galaty, University of Wisconsin
Chipped StoneJohn F. Cherry, University of Michigan
A. Parkinson, University of Michigan
Ground StoneCurtis N. Runnels, Boston University
Natural Sciences
GeophysicsFalko Kunhke, University of Braunschweig
Soil ScienceMike Timpson, University of Northern Arizona
PalynologySergei Yazvenko, University of Guelph
Hydraulic StudiesJoost Knauss, Technical University of Munich
Robert Dupuis-Devlin (93-95), University of Illinois at Chicago
Ellen Dallagher (93), Chicago
Graphics Design
Rosemary Robertson, Design for Archaeology, UK
Archaeological Drafting
Lyla Pinch Brock (92-93), Canadian Archaeological Institute-Cairo
Whitney Powell-Cummer (95), Scientific Graphics-Providence RI
Rosemary Robertson (92-95), Design for Archaeology, UK
Financial and Household Management
John Fischer (92-94), Wabash College
Kate Bracher (95), Whitman College
Annual Roster
In 1992-94 an average of 35 individuals participated in the project. These included approximately 20 field walkers, a museum staff, natural scientists, and the project directors. This is the place to express our warm appreciation to all those who joined PRAP in 1992-94: Susan Alcock (1992-94), Bill Alexander (1991-94), Maria Antoniou (1992-94), Emilia Banou-Vassilas (1993-94), John Bennet (1991-94), Emmett Bennett (1994), Ina Berg (1994), Michael Boyd (1994), Lyla Brock (1992-93), Cyprian Broodbank (1992), Christopher Bryan (1993), Bryan Burns (1994), John Cherry (1991, 93-94), Christina Clark (1992, 1994), Eric Cline (1992), Patrick Cronin (1992), Tracey Cullen (1992), Jack Davis (1991-94), Ellen Dallagher (1993), Laura DeLozier (1993-94), Roberta Dupuis-Devlin (1993-94), Helen Dizikes (1993-94), Fred Fieberg (1994), John Fischer (1992-94), Michael Galaty (1993-94), Kirsten Gay (1994), Sharon Gerstel (1993-94), Carla Goodnoh (1993), Matthew Gonzales (1994), Helge Grasshoff (1994), Deborah Harlan (1992-94), Ann Harrison (1993-94), Sebastian Heath (1993-94), Nicolle Hirschfeld (1992), Stephen Hodkinson (1993), Susanne Hofstra (1992-94), Gulnara Ismail-Zade (1992-93), Hans-Gunter Jansen (1992-93), Marianne Jansen (1992-93), Martha Jenks (1992), Kalliope Kaloyerakou (1992-94), Axel Kampke (1994), Cynthia Kosso (1992), Maria Kottaridis (1993), Falko Kuhnke (1994), Wayne Lee (1993-94), Yannos Lolos (1991-94), Susan Lupack (1993-94), Timothy McKern (1992-93), Kostalena Mihalaki (1992), Sarah Monks (1992), Joanne Murphy (1993-94), Priscilla Murray (1993-94), Georgia Nakou (1992, 1994), Danielle Newland (1994), Son Nguyen (1993), Holly Oyster (1993), Patricia Parker (1994), William Parkinson (1992-94), Paula Perlman (1992), Richard Pianka (1992, 1994), Aristea Poulaki (1994), Betsy Reichert (1993-94), Joe Remy (1994), Rosemary Robertson (1992-94), Curtis Runnels (1994), Michael Sage (1994), Robert Schon (1993-94), Susan Seidenberg (1992), Cynthia Shelmerdine (1991-94), Kathleen Slane (1993), Nigel Spencer (1992-94), Sharon Stocker (1992-94), David Stone (1993-94), Amanda Sutphin (1993-94), Lauren Talalay (1992), Steven Thompson (1993), Michael Timpson (1994), Martine Wagenaar (1992), Charles Watkinson (1992-94), Eric Wetzels (1992), Peter Wiedelt (1994), Sergei Yazvenko (1992-93), and Eberhard Zangger (1991-94). Participants represented several dozen different universities and research institutions in Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
Participants in PRAP in 1995 included: Susan E. Alcock, Bill Alexander, Luanesha Alexander, Tarek Arafa-Hamed, Oliver Bäumer, Ian Bennet, John Bennet, Emmett Bennett, Andrea Berlin, Ebe-Karsten Blohm, Kate Bracher, Ulrich Brandes, John Cherry, Christopher Davis, Jack Davis, Philip Davis, Siriol Davis, Roberta Dupuis-Devlin, Fred Fieberg, Michael Galaty, Sharon Gerstel, Helge Grasshof, Debi Harlan, Ann Harrison, Sebastian Heath, Volker Heinz, Jørn Helbert, Susanne Hofstra, Axel Kampke, Joost Knauss, Falko Kuhnke, Wayne Lee, Hauke Loebert, Yiannos Lolos, Susan Lupack, Joanne Murphy, Emil Obermayr, Carsten Othmer, Bill Parkinson, Yiannis Pasiakos, Jens Poppensieker, Whitney Powell-Cummer, Betsy Reichert, Rosemary Robertson, Cynthia Shelmerdine, Kim Shelton, Rob Schon, Sharon Stocker, Michael Timpson, Jan Verstraete, Christian Vocks, Günter Wagner, Silke Weddig, Aidonis Yiotis, Eberhard Zangger, Frank Zeroch.
Fieldwork was conducted under the auspices of the American School of Classical Studies, in accordance with a permit granted by the 5th Ephoreia of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities at Olympia. In following years our work was conducted according to the terms established in permits issued by the Central Archaeological Council of Greece (KAS). We express our appreciation to the staff of the 5th Ephoreia of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities at Olympia, Mrs. Xeni Arapoyianni, Mrs. Yia Hatzi, and their successive representatives in Hora - Ms. Ourania Vyzyinou, Ms. Maria Fouzeti, Ms. Sophia Iliopoulou, Ms. Kalliope Kaloyerakou; Ms. Maria Antoniou; and Ms. Evangelia Malapani. We would be remiss also not to thank the staff of the 7th Byzantine Ephoreia at Sparta, particularly the ephor, Mrs. Aimilia Bakourou, and Mrs. Paraskevi Kalamara and Mr. Kallimahos Antonakos, her representatives at the office of the Byzantine Ephoreia in Kalamata. We are also grateful for the support of the director of ASCS, Professor W.D.E. Coulson, and his staff, particularly Mrs. Maria Pilali.