[home]PRAP: Tour of Hall 64 and its Environs
Prepared by Rosemary Robertson
This reconstruction of Hall 64, part of the so-called Southwestern Building at Pylos, was commissioned by PRAP as part of a project initiated by J. Bennet and J.L. Davis to reinvestigate the building history and function of the structure. (see "Making Mycenaeans: Warfare, Territorial Expansion, and Representations of the Other in the Pylian Kingdom," in R. Laffineur ed., POLEMOS: Le contexte guerrier en Égée à l'Áge du Bronze, Lâge: Aegeaum, pp. 105-20. The virtual reality model was designed by R.J. Robertson in Cornwall, U.K. ("Rosemary.Robertson@btopenworld.com"), with advice from Bennet, Davis, and Maria C. Shaw of the University of Toronto.
The file is over 12 megabytes in size and requires the Quicktime plug-in.