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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Most of the records in the PRAP Small Finds Database have not been edited since initial data entry in the field. They are provided as a courtesy to the archaeological community and should not be taken as definitive.
Standard Reference Gen. Material Sp. Material Gen. Form Sp. Form Technique.
SF0005ClayFine ClayWeightSpindle Whorl
Start Period End Period
LH3 (begins -1400)LH3 (ends -1060)
Collection Unit Site Association Collection Type
Fabric: 5YR 7/8
Shape: possible spindle whorl fragment or handle
Decoration: none
Dimensions: mL 3.1cm, MW 1.4cm, Mht 1.3cm, est diam 4.5cm, diam of hole 1.0cm?, wt. approx 10gr.
Remarks: about 1/4 preserved. Broken through profile; only top (if whorl) presrved. Fine fabric unusual for LHIII whorl
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