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B05  Hora Palace of Nestor Chamber Tombs
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Location and Description

In the rear scarp of an olive-covered terrace on the SE slope of the Englianos ridge, ca. 600 m. SW of the Palace of Nestor, two sets of cuttings are visible, each apparently the location of the filled and unexcavated dromos of a chamber tomb.

Both tombs were cut into the soft marl bedrock of the ridge. The dromos of Tomb A is roughly trapezoidal in section and is defined by two vertical cuttings that slope slightly towards each other.[113.25] The dromos is ca. 1.2 m. H., 0.8 m. W. at the bottom, and 0.7 m. W. at the top.

Tomb B lies 75 m. N of Tomb A in the scarp of the same terrace, and is defined by similar cuttings in the bedrock.[095.23] The preserved height of the dromos is 0.9 m.; it is 0.9 m. W. at the bottom, 0.8 m. W. at the top.

The dromoi of both tombs are oriented approx. NW-SE. Entrances would have faced the Vayies ridge. Small quantities of prehistoric pottery including Mycenaean fine wares were collected on the floor of the terrace near each of the tombs. An HL hopper millstone fragment was built into the rear wall of the terrace immediately above the tombs.

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Artifact Summary

Very few pieces. Tomb A produced only one, a late MH III-LH II body sherd.

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