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B04  Hora Zoodohos Piyi (2)
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Location and Description

On a narrow bulldozed terrace on the SE side of the Englianos ridge, about 1 km. NE of the Palace of Nestor, two chamber tombs are cut into the bedrock, their dromoi facing SE and separated from each other by c. 3.5 m.[095.20][113.24] Only the back of the chambers are preserved; the dromoi and front of the chambers were presumably destroyed when the terrace was bulldozed. The back walls of the chambers are preserved to a maximum height of 1.8 m., their floors to a max. depth of 1.3 m., and their ceilings to a max. depth of 0.6 m. Max. pres. W. of the chambers is 1.7 m.

Between the summers of 1993 and 1994 both tombs were excavated illegally; holes were dug into the chambers and a pile of backdirt lay in front of each.[095.18] No artifacts were found by us in this debris and none can be clearly associated with use of either tomb.

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Artifact Summary

The single body sherd collected from this site must be loosely dated to the period range Byz-EMod. The sherd is worn, with traces of white slip covered by green glaze on the interior.

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