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Assistant Editors: Jeffrey Ryan Banks and Charles J. Sturge

Nestor is an international bibliography of Aegean studies, Homeric society, Indo-European linguistics, and related fields. It is published monthly from September to May (each volume covers one calendar year) by the Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati. An Authors Index accompanies the December issue. Nestor is distributed in 30 countries world-wide. It is currently edited by Carol R. Hershenson.

The primary geographic nexus of Nestor is the Aegean, including all of Greece, Albania, and Cyprus, the southern area of Bulgaria, and the western and southern areas of Turkey. Nestor includes publications concerning the central and western Mediterranean, southeastern Europe, the eastern Mediterranean, western Asia, and other regions of archaeological research, if the specific bibliographic items contain Aegean artifacts, imitations, or influences, or make reference to Aegean comparanda.



January 2015 issue available
Friday, 16 January 2015 16:50

The January 2015 (42.1) issue of Nestor is now available as a free download.

Grants and Fellowships
Friday, 16 January 2015 16:39

Michael Ventris Award

On 13 February 2015 applications are due for the Michael Ventris Memorial Award for Mycenaean Studies of up to £2000, to be awarded to scholars who have obtained a doctorate within the past eight years or postgraduate students about to complete the doctorate in the field of Mycenaean civilization or kindred subjects, to promote research in (1) Linear B and other Bronze Age scripts of the Aegean and Cyprus and their historical and cultural connections, or (2) all other aspects of the Bronze Age of the Aegean and Cyprus. Applications (6 pages maximum) should be sent to the Deputy Director, Institute of Classical Studies, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU, United Kingdom or via email (compatible with Word 2003) to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Applications should include age, qualifications, academic record, an outline and projected budget of the proposed work (which is not intended to be Ph.D. research), and the names and addresses of two referees, who should at the same time be asked to write independently in support of the application. Further information, including detailed application instructions, is available at http://www.icls.sas.ac.uk/awards/awards-prizes.

Calls for Papers
Friday, 16 January 2015 16:36

MAC 2015

On 13 February 2015 abstracts are due for oral or poster presentations at the 13th European Meeting on Ancient Ceramics (MAC 2015), to be held on 24-26 September 2015 at the New Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece. Further information is available at http://www.emac2015.gr or from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The main topics will be:

Methodological developments

Dating of ceramics

Production, dissemination and consumption

Slips and glazes

Technical ceramics

Ceramics as building materials

Vessel function and vessel use

Raw material studies

Pottery kilns

Alteration and conservation

AIA 2016

On 8 March 2015 (22 March with a late fee) submissions for workshops, colloquia, undergraduate submissions, and open-session papers and posters needing an early decision to acquire a visa or obtain funding are due for the Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA 2016), to be held in San Francisco, CA from 7-9 January 2016. On 2 August 2015 (16 August with a late fee) submissions are due for workshops, other open session papers and posters, and any provisionally accepted colloquia that are resubmitting. On 15 November 2015 roundtable proposals and lightning session submissions are due. Submission forms and further information are available at http://www.archaeological.org.

Diálogos Micénicos

On 16 March 2015 proposals are due for the Diálogos Micénicos: Lengua, Textos, Historia, to be held at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid from 12-13 May 2015. Titles and abstracts for proposed 20 minute papers should be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Future Lectures and Conferences
Friday, 16 January 2015 16:29

TAG Turkey 2015

On 5-6 February 2015 the Theoretical Archaeology Group Turkey 2015: Archaeological Things (TAG Turkey 2015) will be held at Mimar Sinan University, İstanbul. Further information is available at http://tagturkey2014.wordpress.com/. Papers of interest to Nestor readers will include:

S. Souvatzi, E. Baysal, B. Boz; A. Baysal, B. Erdoğu, "To thing or not to thing?"

Ö. Çevik, "Ulucak Höyük Neolitik Toplumunda Antroposantrik İletişim Ağı"

Ç. Özdoğan, "Tunç Çağı'nda Levant'da deniz ticareti ağı"

Petras Symposium

On 14-15 February 2015 the 2ο Διεθνές Συμπόσιο Πετρά: Προ- και Παλαιο-ανακτορικό νεκροταφείο στο ιστορικό του πλαίσιο. 2nd International Petras Symposium. The Pre- and Proto-palatial cemetery in context will be held at The Danish Institute at Athens. Further information is available at https://www.facebook.com/Petras.excavations. The program will be:

M. Τσιποπούλου, "Διερευνώντας κοινωνικο-πολιτικές αλλαγές στον Προ- και Παλαιο-ανακτορικό Πετρά. Το νεκροταφείο των τάφων-οικιών. Documenting Sociopolitical changes in the Pre- and Protopalatial Petras. The House Tomb Cemetery"

P. P. Betancourt, M. Tsipopoulou, and M. Clinton. "The Tripartite Façade at the Petras Cemetery. Η τριμερής πρόσοψη του νεκροταφείου του Πετρά"

Μ. Τσιποπούλου, "Αναθηματική απόθεση 1. Ταυτότητα και χρονολόγηση ενός ιδιαίτερου τελετουργικού χώρου στο νεκροταφείο του Πετρά. Votive Deposit 1. Identity and chronology of a special ritual area in the Petras cemetery".

Friday, 16 January 2015 16:28

Digital Archaeology

On 27-28 February 2015 a workshop entitled Mobilizing the Past for a Digital Future: the Potential of Digital Archaeology will be held in London. Further information is available at http://uwm.edu/mobilizing-the-past/. Papers of interest to Nestor readers will include:

J. Wallrodt, "Why Paperless?: Digital Technology and Archaeology"

J. M. Gordon, K. Koo, M. Toumazou, D. Counts, and E. Walcek Averett, "Technology and Teaching at the Athienou Archaeological Project, Cyprus"

Past Lectures and Conferences
Friday, 16 January 2015 16:25

BANEA 2015

On 7-9 January 2015 the 2015 Annual Conference of the British Association for Near Eastern Archaeology (BANEA 2015) was held in London. Further information is available at http://banealcane.org/banea/. Papers and posters of interest to Nestor readers included:

I. Jacobsson, "What do the Cypro-PPN sites tell us about the nature of the M-/L-PPNB transition?"

D. Bolger, "Fragmented identities: social and material transformations in 3rd millennium BC Cyprus"

F. Chelazzi, "Living by the rivers: social networks and settlement patterns in southwestern Cyprus during the second millennium BC"

Y. Asscher et al., "A slow social integration of the Philistines in the southern Levant is supported by a new radiocarbon based chronology"

K. Wright, "Craft production, food preparation and household differentiation Çatalhöyük East and other Neolithic sites in the Near East"

B. Kızılduman, "Interrelations between the Karpaz peninsula and the Levant during the Bronze Age"

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