Editor: Carol R. Hershenson

Assistant Editors: Eleni Androulaki and Maura Brennan

Nestor is an international bibliography of Aegean studies, Homeric society, Indo-European linguistics, and related fields. It is published monthly from September to May (each volume covers one calendar year) by the Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati. It is currently edited by Carol R. Hershenson.

The primary geographic nexus of Nestor is the Aegean, including all of Greece, Albania, and Cyprus, the southern area of Bulgaria, and the western and southern areas of Turkey. Nestor includes publications concerning the central and western Mediterranean, southeastern Europe, the eastern Mediterranean, western Asia, and other regions of archaeological research, if the specific bibliographic items contain Aegean artifacts, imitations, or influences, or make reference to Aegean comparanda.



December 2015 issue available
Saturday, 19 December 2015 15:21

The December 2015 (42.9) issue of Nestor is available as a free download.

Calls for Papers
Saturday, 19 December 2015 15:12

12th International Congress of Cretan Studies

Extended deadline: on 31 December 2015 abstracts (500 words maximum) are due for papers, posters, and workshops at the 12th International Congress of Cretan Studies, to be held in Heraklion, Crete, Greece on 21-25 September 2016. The form for submitting abstracts and further information are available at http://www.12-iccs.gr/index.php/12ICCS/ICCS2016.

International Obsidian Conference

On 31 January 2016 abstracts (300-500 words, with up to 2 figures) are due for oral papers and posters at the International Obsidian Conference, to be held in Lipari, Italy on 1-3 June 2016. The form for submitting abstracts and further information are available at http://rtykot.myweb.usf.edu/Obsidian%202016/index.html.

ASOR 2016

On 15 February 2016 abstracts are due for papers at the American Schools of Oriental Research Annual Meetings (ASOR 2016), to be held in San Antonio, TX from 16-19 November 2016; on 1 August 2016 abstracts for posters are due. Further information is available at http://www.asor.org.

Future Lectures and Conferences
Saturday, 19 December 2015 15:07

BANEA 2016

On 6-8 January 2016 the 2016 Annual Conference of the British Association for Near Eastern Archaeology (BANEA 2016): Land, Sea and Sky in the Near East will be held at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Lampeter. Further information is available at http://www.banea2016.org/. Papers of interest to Nestor readers will include:

M. Amadio, "Architectural Narratives in Middle Bronze Age Cyprus: Buildings, Materials and Social Representation"

C. Morris and A. Peatfield, "Minoan Peak Sanctuaries between Heaven and Earth"

L. Steel, "Mind, Body, Object..."

E. Govier, "Vital Materialisms at Çatalhöyük"

A. L. d'Agata, "A contested city in a contested periphery: the exemplary case of Misis in the Cilicia Plain"

Aegean Seminar in Zagreb

On 18 January 2016 W. Waal and B. Montecchi will deliver lectures to the Aegean Seminar in Zagreb entitled, respectively, "Sealed secrets and cryptic signs: The origins of writing in the Aegean from an Anatolian perspective" and "A fresh look at Linear A administrative practices: counting, sealing and writing in Neopalatial Crete." On 19 January 2016 W. Waal will deliver a lecture entitled "War and Peace: International relations between the Aegean and the Near East in the Late Bronze Age." Further information is available from Helena Tomas at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Technology in Crisis

On 18-19 February 2016 an international workshop entitled Technology in Crisis. Technological changes in ceramic production during periods of trouble will be held by ARC 'A World in Crisis?' and Aegis (UCL-INCAL-CEMA) in Louvain-la-Neuve. Further information is available at https://www.uclouvain.be/530391.html. Papers of interest to Nestor readers will include:

S. Todaro and R. Mentesana, "Technological changes in the period of transition from Neolithic to Early Minoan: a view from Phaistos"

E. Nodarou and T. Brogan, "The times they are A-changin': pottery production and technological change at Mochlos in the Prepalatial period"

M. Choleva, "A phenomenon of craft behavior in a period of mutation: the introduction and the adoption of the potter's wheel during the EB2b and EB3 in the Aegean"

Past Lectures and Conferences
Saturday, 19 December 2015 15:00

Bridging the Gap

On 23-25 October 2015 the 12th Biennial Graduate Student Forum Bridging the Gap: Connecting Different Scales of Human Interaction was held at Boston University. Papers of interest to Nestor readers included:

A. Belza, "The Imagined Boundary: Mycenaean Hither and Further Lands"

The Idea of Writing

On 29 October-1 November 2015 the joint conferences 12. Mainz International Colloquium on Ancient Hebrew (MICAH) and The Idea of Writing were held at Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany. Further information is available at http://www.micah.hebraistik.uni-mainz.de/204.php. Papers of interest to Nestor readers included:

A. R. Pottorf, "A Regional Analysis of the Epigraphic Data from the Philistine Sites in the 8th and 7th Centuries BCE: Economic and Political Influences on the Varieties of Philistine Script Characteristics"

Cyprus: Its Archaeology and Heritage

On 30 October 2015 a conference entitled Cyprus: Its Archaeology and Heritage: Effects on Politics, Identity, Tourism and Education was held at London Metropolitan University. Further information is available at http://www.eugreeka.com/cyprus-its-archaeology-and-heritage/. Papers of interest to Nestor readers included:

M. Given, "The Landscape Heritage of Cyprus"

A. McCarthy, "A recipe for public archaeology: experimental Neolithic cooking in Cyprus"

L. Crewe, "Prehistory and the public: Engaging non-specialist audiences with ephemeral archaeological remains on Cyprus"

Saturday, 19 December 2015 14:53

Palais sans archives, archives sans palais

On 17 November 2015 a Round Table entitled Palais sans archives, archives sans palais: palais, archives et territoires en Egée et en Orient. Palaces without archives, archives without palaces: palaces, archives and territory in the Aegean and in the Near East was held in Nanterre, organized by the UMR 7041, Archéologies et Sciences de l'Antiquité, CNRS. Papers of interest to Nestor readers included:

F. Rougemont and J. P. Vita, "Palais et archives: organisation administrative des palais dans le monde mycénien et à Ougarit"

M. E. Alberti and A. Karnava, "Palais, résidences et archives: le maillage des territoires en Crète à l'époque minoenne"

PeClA 2015

On 10-11 December 2015 the 4th Perspectives in Classical Archaeology 2015 (PeClA 2015) Postgraduate Conference. From Elites to the Others: Degrees of Visibility was held at the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. Further information is available at http://www.arup.cas.cz/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/PeKlA-2015_CFP_final.pdf. Papers and posters of interest to Nestor readers included:

J. Hordecki, "Post-Neolithic Çatalhöyük – An Example of Non-Classical Research Focused on Classical Evidences"

M. Roháček, "Metallurgy along the East Aegean-West Anatolian Interface in the Second Mill. B.C."

K. Harabasz, "An Investigation of the Complexity and the Differential Treatment of the Dead at the Neolithic Site of Çatalhöyük"

Δίκτυα στην Ιστορία από την αρχαιότητα έωs τη σύγχρονη εποχή

On 11-14 December 2015 an international conference entitled Δίκτυα στην Ιστορία από την αρχαιότητα έωs τη σύγχρονη εποχή. Shaping Networks from Antiquity to the Modern Era was held at the National Hellenic Research Foundation in Athens. Further information is available at http://www.eie.gr/nhrf/institutes/ihr/news/2015/11-13_12_2015_ProgrammaDiktia.pdf. Papers of interest to Nestor readers included:

Ι. Ασλάνης, "Εξάπλωση της διμηνιακής κεραμικής βόρεια της Θεσσαλίας. Μια ερμηνευτική προσέγγιση στο πλαίσιο της Χαλκολιθικής εποχής της 5ης και 4ης χιλιετίας. The expansion of Dimini ceramic north of Thessaly. An interpretative approach within the framework of the Chalcolithic Period (5th and 4th millennia)"

Mycenaean Seminar in Athens

On 15 December 2015 Κ. Νικολέντζος addressed the Mycenaean Seminar in Athens on "Η Αρχαία Ολυμπία και η ευρύτερη περιοχή της κατά την Ύστερη Εποχή του Χαλκού μέσα από την επανεξέταση παλαιών και νεώτερων ανασκαφών" at 7:00 pm at the A. Argiriadis Amphitheatre (Central building of the University of Athens, Panepistimiou 30).

November 2015 issue available
Monday, 16 November 2015 14:57

The November 2015 (42.8) issue of Nestor is now available as a free download.

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