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A translation of all documents from ancient Alexandria that survive on papyrus.

BGU 1053

Loan (synchoresis)

April 2, 13 BC

(a) Addressee

|2 To Protarchos,

(b1) Party 1

|3 from Gaius Iulius Philios,

(b2) Party 2

and |4 from Lykarion the son of Apollonios |5 and from Ptolemaios the son of Ptolemaios, |6 both Persians |7 of the epigone, and from the wife of |8 Lykarion, Theotarion |9 the daughter of Achilles, a Persian, |10 acting with her husband as guardian.

(c) Declaration about the receipt of the loan

|11 Concerning the points at issue, |12-13 Lykarion and Ptolemaios and |14 Theotarion agree that they have received from |15 Gaius Iulius Philios an interest-free loan, |16 through the money-changing bank of Kastor, of |17-18 300 Ptolemaic silver drachmas, |19 which they also agree to pay back in |20 10 months starting from the first day |21 of Pachon of the present 17th year |22 of Caesar (Augustus), by giving |23 each day |24 starting from the same first day |25 of the month Pachon one drachma, without |26 skipping a single day, and they agree to do this |27 without any delay,

(d) Penalty clause

|28 or else, on whatever day |29 they skip (payment) they agree that they are |30 immediately liable to seizure (BGU IV, 161) |31 and can be held under arrest |32 until they pay, |34 without waiting for the (whole) time apportioned |35 to them, the entire principal or whatever will be owed (at that time) |36 plus 50%, |37 and for the time that has passed (the due date) |38-39 they agree to pay the interest of two drachmas (per 100 drachmas per month) in accordance with state regulation, |40 while the right to execute (the claim) belongs to |41 Gaius Iulius Philios from the |42 three (debtors), who are mutually responsible |43 for payment, and from whomever |44 of them he chooses |45-46 and from all of their belongings as if |47 by virtue of a legal verdict, and also from the |48-49 woodworking workshop belonging to Lykarion |50 which is next to the Syrion |51 in the property of Dorion |52 and until rightful things … (end of column illegible; second column continues: and if it so happens that there is some risk) |2 with regard to it, they agree that even |3 so the loan is free from every |4 risk and that they will not take recourse |5 to safeguards (APF 3, 511) nor to |6 a sanctuary (?) nor to a suppliant's |7 petition nor to a decree |8 of amnesty nor to a decree on professional exemptions (in Ptolemaic Egypt craftsmen were temporarily exempted from paying off debts as long as the state required their services) nor |9 to a place of asylum nor to |10 help from the soldiery (?) nor to any other |11 kind of protection at all, |12 or whichever other kind they use, let that be |13 without effect.

(e) Invalidation of prior loans

And Gaius Iulius |14 Philios agrees that he will render without effect |17 the two loan agreements, which |15 the same |16 debtors have made with him through the same tribunal |18 of 120 silver drachmas each, because of the fact that he has been paid in full |19 by them with the |20 240 silver drachmas in all |21 in person (not through a bank), and he agrees that he will not proceed |22 against them concerning this |23-25 except concerning the 300 drachmas in accordance with the present agreement.

(f) Date

|26 Year 17 of Caear (Augustus), Pharmouthi 7.

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