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Prehistoric Aegean & Beyond
A symposium to honor

James C. Wright

Bryn Mawr College | Bryn Mawr, PA
Friday March 2 - Saturday March 3
Keynote address by Joseph Maran


Susan E. Allen | Effie Athanassopoulos | Nicholas Blackwell | Amy Bogaard
Mary Dabney | Kevin Glowacki | Steven Karacic | Nancy Klein
Valeriya Kozlovskaya | Emre Kurucayirli | Mireille Lee | John McEnroe
Thomas G. Palaima | Daniel Pullen | Jeremy Rutter | Robert Schon
Cynthia Shelmerdine | R. Angus K. Smith | Robert Sutton | Aleydis Van de Moortel
Malcolm H. Wiener | Angela Ziskowski


With support from

Bryn Mawr College Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology
The Institute for Aegean Prehistory (INSTAP)
The Philadelphia Society of the Archaeological Institute of America


Organizing Committee

Susan E. Allen, Mireille M. Lee, R. Angus Smith, and Robert Schon

R.S.V.P. requested

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Friday, March 2 (College Great Hall)
6:00 Reception
6:30 Welcome
6:45-7:45 Keynote Address by Joseph Maran
“Deceptive Permanence: Architecture, Agency and Transformations in Mycenaean Greece”
Saturday, March 3 (College Hall 110)
8:30 Welcome
8:45-10:15 Session One: The Power of Architecture
(Session Chair: Robert Schon)
8:45 Daniel J. Pullen “Corridors of Power? Rethinking the Early Bronze Age Corridor House”
9:00 Steven Karacic “Architecture and Authority in Late Bronze Age IIA Tarsus-Gözlükule, Turkey”
9:15 Nicholas G. Blackwell “Displaying Power at Mycenae: New Analysis of the Treasury of Atreus”
9:30 John McEnroe “‘It’s a Small World:’ Complexity and Self-Organization at Gournia (Crete)”
9:45 Nancy L. Klein and Kevin T. Glowacki “A methodological and theoretical framework for studying vernacular architecture in the prehistoric Aegean”
10:00 Discussion
10:15-10:45 Coffee Break
10:45-12:30 Session Two: The Power of Landscapes
(Session Chair: Maggie Beeler)
10:45 Susan E. Allen “Cultivating power: a political ecology of Mycenaean agriculture”
11:00 Amy Bogaard “Power and place in early farming landscapes of the Aegean and beyond”
11:15 Mary K. Dabney “Regionalism in Review”
11:30 Cynthia W. Shelmerdine “Messenia in LH IIIA”
11:45 Aleydis van de Moortel “Of Swords and Plows: the Importance of Warfare and Conquest in Central Greek State Formation”
12:00 Thomas G. Palaima “Koiranos Among Power Titles in Linear B and Homer: What Power Flows and Where are the Faucets?”
12:15 Discussion
12:30-2:00 Lunch Break
2:00-3:15 Session Three: The Power of Place
(Session Chair: Angus Smith)
2:00 Effie F. Athanassopoulos “Archaeological Research in Nemea in the 1970s”
2:15 Angela Ziskowski “Claiming Territory: Kotroni, Kleonai, and the Southern Border of the Corinthia”
2:30 Valeriya Kozloskaya “Underwater Explorations along the Northern Black Sea Coast: Filling in the Blank Spots on the Map”
2:45 Emre Kurucayirli “What kind of power? Reassessing Mycenaean involvement in Anatolia”
3:00 Discussion
3:15-3:40 Coffee Break
3:40-5:20 Session Four: The Power of Things
(Session Chair: Andrew C. Cohen)
3:40 Malcolm H. Wiener “Metal Hoards at Minoan and Mycenaean Sites”
3:55 Robert Schon “Memory as a Political Strategy at Bronze Age Kakovatos”
4:10 Mireille M. Lee “Mycenaean Mirrors in Life and Death”
4:55 Robert F. Sutton “Two Pertinent Pieces of Black-Figure Pottery at Bryn Mawr College”
4:40 R. Angus K. Smith “Empty Cups and Empty Bowls: an Early Neopalatial Feasting Deposit from Gournia”
4:55 Jeremy B. Rutter “Of Rivets, Ripple, and Arcades: Aspects of Metalwork’s Impact on Early Mycenaean Pottery”
5:10 Discussion
5:25 Closing Remarks