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Excavations commenced for the first time in insula I.1 during our 2010 field season. The preliminary aims have been to establish the structural and social shape of the insula, then to turn toward uncovering the complete sequence of urban activities: from identifying the important layering of geological events (both natural and introduced) to charting the developmental history of each property through to their destruction in AD 79. All of these developments, at least from the 2010 season, are being related to those seen in insula VIII.7.1-15, generally though analogy but also directly by the physical connection of stratified contexts and shared architectures.


In general, three separate properties dominate the insula, each with their own attached shops and retail spaces. The principal activity for all three properties appears to have been based on hospitality, at least in their final manifestation. As we have seen in VIII.7.1-15, fish-salting and other light-industrial activities dominated the insula between the 2nd century BC and the Augustan period (early 1st century AD).  Kevin Dicus (Michigan) is supervising the excavations of I.1.1-2/10; Allison Emmerson (Cincinnati) is supervising the excavations of I.1.3-5; and Amanda Pavlick (Cincinnati) is supervising the excavations of I.1.6-9.

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