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Department of Classics

Eta Sigma Phi, Honorary Society for Classical Studies, was founded in 1914 at the University of Chicago. University of Cincinnati's Mu chapter was formed in 1926. Mu chapter works in conjunction with the UC Classics Club to co-sponsor events, including our annual fall Certamen and the annual undergraduate invited guest lecture. New members are initiated every spring. Invitation for initiation is open to students in first year Greek and/or upper-level Latin courses who have a B average, after two semesters of completed coursework. Mu has been sending delegates to the national convention in April and hopes to maintain regular presence at future conventions. The photos below document the chapter's recent trip to the Centennial Convention in Chicago.

IMG4111 From left to right: Lindsay Taylor, Michelle Martinez, Emily Blatz, David Eichert, Connor Ginty outside Oriental Institute.

At the Bean. From left to right: David Eichert, Connor Ginty, Emily Blatz, Michelle Martinez, Lindsay Taylor.

The UC Certaminators receive their first place Certamen book prizes. From left to right: David Eichert, Michelle Martinez, Emily Blatz, and Connor Ginty.

Mu chapter after initiating new members. Top row, left to right: Connor Ginty, Amanda Hatch, Jack Barendt, Sarah Evans, David Eichert. Bottom row, left to right: Emily Blatz, Lindsay Taylor, Michelle Martinez.