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Before coming to Cincinnati, Emilia taught at Dartmouth College and New York University. She received her PhD at the University of Toronto, which is her hometown. She was enticed by the University of Cincinnati’s renowned John Miller Burnam Classics Library, unique intradisciplinary department, and dynamic community of students. It definitely is not about the chili, she says.

emilia plautus story

Her main research interests lie in republican poetry and Plautine comedy in particular. She is currently writing a book about the letters in Plautus, which looks at the embedded epistles as plot devices and agents of comic mischief but also as emblems of the dramatic script. She has also written on various other Plautine topics, including novelty and reception. She has some articles on Greek epistolography. She has become increasingly fascinated by the interaction between letters and comedy in imperial Greek literature, when comic personae move from the stage to the ‘page’ and become letter-writers in fictional epistolary collections.

When she’s not buried in Plautus, her other interests include long-distance running, theater, and (above all else) her dog Chloe, depicted below. Chloe and Emilia met just before Emilia started her dissertation, so she has truly been with her through it all.

barbiero et chloe story

If you walk past Emilia’s office, you may hear voices, but don’t be so quick to blame the resident ghosts of Blegen Library! Emilia prefers to read her writing aloud and recites everything. In addition to supervising all beginner Latin courses this year, Emilia has taught Latin Prose this semester and will be teaching a Latin Novel course next semester. Although she’s been called a fantastic and fair instructor by our students, you can always use gummy candy to get on her good side.