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Katie Breyer and Jack Barendt are undergraduate students in Classics. Jack is also a Semple Scholar. The recently reported on their year abroad at the Centro in Rome:

While our studies at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies (the “Centro”) are based in Rome, our classes and experiences are not limited to the city itself. As students of the Classics, we have gained the opportunity to put what we have learned from the University of Cincinnati’s Classics Department into a more tangible context. One of the most exciting aspects of the program is that classes are held on site, allowing us to reconstruct the ancient city through frequent site visits, such as to the Imperial Fora, the Curia in the Roman Forum, and the halls of Nero’s infamous Domus Aurea. And yet, we are not limited to Rome, visiting sites around the Bay of Naples, as well as Sicily, such as Pompeii, Cumae, Syracuse, and Agrigento.

We came from the University of Cincinnati with a wide range of experiences and skills and interests; from the archaeological and material to the language and history of Rome. The Classics department provided us with the foundations we needed to in order to more fully engage with the currriculum at the Centro. The Centro has allowed us to expand upon what we already knew as well as challenged us to examine the Roman world through a closer perspective. Our experience at the Centro has made us eager to return to the department and more fully engage in our classes. We will bring different perspectives into the classroom and enagage the younger students with an interest in understanding the Roman world. We are incredibly grateful for all that the Classics Department has done for us, allowing us to enjoy such an enriching experience and promoting our studies of the Classics.