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Department of Classics

Eleven papers and one colloquium will be presented at this season's Society of Classical Studies and Archaeological Institute of America's combined conference in San Francisco, CA.


Lauren Ginsberg
“The Failure of Fides in the Octavia”

Antonis Kotsonas
“Early Iron Age Knossos and the Development of the City of the Historical Period”

Kathleen Lynch
“Not Sloppy but Hasty: Late Athenian Black-Figure”

Doctoral Students

Simone Agrimonti
"Xenophon and the unequal phalanx: a 4th century view on political egalitarianism”

Mohammed Bhatti
"Violating the City: Plutarch’s Use of Religious Landscape in the Life of Sulla”
Taylor Coughlan
"Dialect and Poetic Self-Fashioning in Hellenistic Book Epigram"

Flint Dibble
“The Chaîne-Opératoire of Professional Butchery in the Archaic to Classical Athenian Agora: Changing Foodways in an Urban Context”

Alison Fields
“The Purpose-Built Workspaces of the Classical Agora and Scales of Urban Production”

Kyle Helms
"Making rhetoric Roman in the first preface of Cicero’s de Inventione (1.1–5)"

Alexandros Laftsidis
“Exploring the Beginning of the Kerameikos of Pella in the Hellenistic period: Evidence from a Deposit East of the Agora”

Bea Peruzzi
“Finding the Peucetians: Using Burial Practices to identify a South Italian Culture”

Colloquium organized by 
Emilia Oddo [UC] and Kostas Chalikias 
“Exploring a Terra Incognita: Recent Research on Bronze Age Habitation in the Southern Ierapetra Isthmus"