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UC Classics podcasts are expanding.


Last year we introduced our podcasts to explore Pompeii in greater depth while the Cincinnanti Museum Center hosted an exhibition on the city.

We have expanded those podcasts with some new series. In the coming weeks we will feature Cincinnati and its ties to ancient Greek and Roman culture, and Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls (to coincide with an exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center: These series bring together experts in ancient history, language, and archaeology from our department, from UC’s Judaic Studies Department, and from Hebrew Union College to share their passion and knowledge about the Classical world.

The UC Classics Ancient World Podcasts are suitable for audiences of all ages with an interest in the past, and make a great supplement on a visit to a museum, or for middle school, high school, and college classes!

These podcasts are just one part of our department’s outreach program, aimed at engaging the wider Cincinnati community and promoting enthusiasm about the ancient world. Learn more about our offerings of public lectures, presentations, and educational content at:

The latest series of podcasts has been made possible due to the generous support of a Society Outreach Grant from the Archaeological Institute of America:

For a complete list of episodes, see our podcast page.