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2012 Graduate Student Paper Award

For the second year in a row, a UC Classics graduate student has won the Graduate Student Paper Award at the annual Archaeological Institute of America meetings, held this year in Phildelphia.

Allison Emmerson won for her paper titled: "Repopulating an "Abandoned" Suburb: The Case of Pompeii's Tombs." This paper re-examines the place of necropoli in roman society. Upon excavation many of the tombs in Pompeii were found to be surrounded by garbage: animal bones, charcoal, broken pottery and architectural material. The tombs also had a considerable amount of graffiti on them. The traditional view was that the necropoli were neglected areas of a city in decline between the AD 62 earthquake, and the destruction of the AD 79 eruption of nearby Mount Vesuvius.


"We tend to assume things like that are universal, but attitudes toward sanitation are very culturally defined, and it looks like in Pompeii attitudes were very different than ours," said Allison. She compares the garbage found in the necropoli with the general state of garbage found inside the city walls. Her conclusions are that the patterns of graffiti, garbage, and overall use of space was very similar in the two spaces. 

Allison's paper has received a great deal of attention in the press including: 

See a short video summary of the presentation below.

This marks the second year in a row that a UC Classics student has won this award. Last year's winner was Natalie Abell who received her award during this year's banquet.

AIA Poster Contest

Our own Bice Peruzzi (left below) and Amanda Reiterman from Penn (right below) won the First Runner Up prize in the AIA poster contest for their work: "Learning from Their Mistakes: Try-Pieces, Wasters and Other Evidence for Ceramic Production from the Potters’ Quarter at Corinth."


The full poster can be viewed as a pdf here.