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Associate Professor Kathleen Lynch has published her first book titled The Symposium in Context: Pottery from a Late Archaic House near the Athenian Agora. This is the latest volme in the Hesperia Supplement series published by the American School of Classical Studies in Athens.

From the publisher:

This book presents the first well-preserved set of sympotic pottery which served a Late Archaic house in the Athenian Agora. The deposit contains household and fine-ware pottery, nearly all the figured pieces of which are forms associated with communal drinking. Since it comes from a single house, the pottery also reflects purchasing patterns and thematic preferences of the homeowner. The multifaceted approach adopted in this book shows that meaning and use are inherently related, and that through archaeology one can restore a context of use for a class of objects frequently studied in isolation.

You can read an interview with Dr. Lynch at the American School website and another one from McMicken College here at UC.

For Greek readers, there is an article about the book here.