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Department of Classics

Graduate student Jamie Fishman's paper "White Pepper and Black Salt: Food, Genre, and the Satiric Program in Horace’s Satires," has been accepted for Bryn Mawr College's Eighth Biennial Graduate Group Symposium.

Five members of our department have papers accepted for for Feminism & Classics VI at Brock University:
Anne Feltovich: "There are no Meretrices in Roman Comedy"
Holt Parker: "Uptight Romans: Crossing the Borders of Body and Space"
Susan Prince: "What Women Know according to Diogenes Laertius"
Eleanor Rust: "Wives of the Sophists: What’s at stake in reconstructing the lives of Pudentilla and Regilla."
Allison Sterrett-Krause: "Lepcis Magna's First (and Last) Female Benefactress"