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The Department of Classics at UC is co-sponsoring a two day conference on Mycenaean wall paintings to be held at the National Research Foundation in Athens.

This conference is organized by our own Shari Stocker and Jack Davis as well as Hariclia Brecoulaki of the Institute of Greek and Roman Antiquity. One of our graduate students, Emily Egan, will also be participating.

The organizers of the conference have described it as follows:

Despite the obvious fragmentation and scarcity of Mycenaean wall-paintings, newly excavated finds and new restorations of old fragments are gradually changing the landscape of Mycenaean iconography by expanding the range of known subject matters.

The aim of the present workshop is to bring together scholars who are actively engaged in the study of Mycenaean murals, both those excavated long ago and those only recently discovered, at the major Greek mainland sites of Thebes, Orchomenos, Gla, Mycenae, Tiryns, Argos, Sparta, and Pylos.

Their research presents an unparalleled opportunity for us to explore more systematically relationships between the pictorial themes of particular paintings and the specific contexts in which they have been found.

The conference runs the weekend of February 11, 2011.

The full program is also available.