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Christopher    Motz 

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Christopher Motz is a Ph.D. candidate specializing in Roman Archaeology. He received a B.A. from Oberlin College and Master's degrees from Tufts University and the University of Cincinnati. His dissertation explores how knowledge networks shaped the construction of Roman industrial buildings in the western Mediterranean. His broader research interests include sub-elite material culture and spaces, the ancient economy, urbanism, provinces and frontiers, ethnicity and identity, material culture theory and object agency, archaeological methodology, and applications of technology in data acquisition, recording, and analysis. He has participated in fieldwork with the Sangro Valley Project (Tornareccio, Italy), the Pompeii Archaeological Research Project: Porta Stabia (Pompeii, Italy), and the Say Kah Archaeological Project (Rio Bravo Conservation Area, Belize). He has developed digital field recording systems for archaeological projects in Italy, Libya, and Belize, and has consulted on systems for projects in Italy, Greece, Egypt, Ireland, Jordan, and the UK.


  • B.A., Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH, 2009 (Archaeological Studies and Latin).
  • M.A., Tufts University, Medford, MA, 2012 (Classical Archaeology).
  • American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2014 (Summer Session 1).
  • M.A., University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, 2015 (Classics).


Articles & Book Chapters

  • 2013. Motz, Christopher F. and Sam Carrier. “Paperless Recording at the Sangro Valley Project,” in Archaeology in the Digital Era. Papers from the 40th Annual Conference of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA), Southampton, 26–29 March 2012, ed. Graeme Earl, et al. Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam, pp. 25–30.
  • 2012. Susan Kane, Alexis Christensen, Hillary Conley, James Countryman, Beatrice Fidelibus, Christopher F. Motz, and Rafael Scopacasa. “Sangro Valley Project: report on the 2011 excavation and survey work,” Papers of the British School at Rome 80.1, pp. 371-374. 
  • 2016. Motz, Christopher F. “Sangro Valley and the Five (Paperless) Seasons: Lessons on Building Effective Digital Recording Workflows for Archaeological Fieldwork,” in Mobilizing the Past for a Digital Future: The Potential of Digital Archaeology, eds. E.W. Averett, J.M. Gordon, and D.B. Counts. The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota: Grand Forks, ND, pp. 77–109.
  • 2016. Sarah E. Jackson, Christopher F. Motz, and Linda A. Brown. “Pushing the Paperless Envelope: Interpretive Transformations through Digital Recording at a Classic Maya Site,” Advances in Archaeological Practice 4.2, pp. 176–191.

Other Publications

  • 2013. Luke Aspland, Alexis Christensen, Hilary Conley, Susan Kane, Christopher F. Motz, and Miriam Rothenberg. “Sangro Valley Project: Report on 2013 Excavations at San Giovanni,”
  • 2012. Alexis Christensen, Hilary Conley, Susan Kane, Michael MacKinnon, Christopher F. Motz, Beth Munro, and Vicky Singleton. “Sangro Valley Project: Report on 2012 Excavations at San Giovanni,”
  • 2012. Susan Kane, Edward Bispham, Alexis Christensen, Beatrice Fidelibus, Hillary Conley, Rafael Scopacasa, James Countryman, and Christopher F. Motz. “Sangro Valley Project: Report on 2011 Excavation and Survey Work,”

Presentations & Lectures

Invited Presentations

  •  (04/03/2014). The Etruscans. “Andiamo in Italia - Florence” summer study abroad program, University of Cincinnati.
  •  (07-2011). Paperless Project and Post-excavation Activities: Materials Recording and Analysis. Sangro Valley Project Field School
  •  (07-2012). Paperless Project and Post-excavation Activities: Materials Recording and Analysis. Sangro Valley Project Field School
  •  (07-2009). An Introduction to Site-level GIS. Sangro Valley Project Field School

Paper Presentations

  • Christopher F. Motz and Sam Carrier. Paperless Recording at the Sangro Valley Project. Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology, Southampton, UK. 03/28/2012.
  • Christopher F. Motz. Next Steps in Paperless Recording: An Update from the Sangro Valley Project. Taking Archaeology Digital: Redford Conference in Archaeology, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA. 10/27/2012.
  • Christopher F. Motz. Integrating Digital and Physical Workflows in Archaeological Fieldwork: Lessons from Three Paperless Projects. Mobilizing the Past for a Digital Future: The Potential of Digital Archaeology, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, MA. 02/28/2015.
  • Joshua Wright, Sarah E. Jackson, Christopher F. Motz, and Linda A. Brown. Categories, Space, and New Perspectives in A Late Classic Maya Community. Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, Orlando, FL. 04/07/2016.
  • Catherine Baker, Leigh A. Lieberman, and Christopher F. Motz. Contextualizing Small Finds at Pompeii: A New Take on Old Things. Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Rome, Italy. 03/19/2016.
  • Christopher F. Motz, Catherine K. Baker, and Leigh Anne Lieberman. Artifacts in Contexts: Beyond Time and Space. Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Toronto, Canada. 01/06/2017.

Poster Presentations

  • Christopher F. Motz (09-2017).  Knowledge Networks and Fish Salting Workshop Construction in the Western Roman Empire. Oxford University, Oxford, England.

Honors & Awards

  • Open Scholarship, American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2014.
  • The Matthew Benton Smith Memorial Prize, Oberlin College, Department of Classics, 2007.
  • Concordia Foundation Travel Fellowship, Tufts University, Department of Classics, 2011.
  • Concordia Foundation Travel Fellowship, Tufts University, Department of Classics, 2012.
  • Classics Scholarship, Tufts University, Department of Classics, 2010 to 2012.
  • University Research Council (URC) Graduate Student Research Fellowship, University of Cincinnati, 2016.
  • Marion and Dorothy Rawson Research Fellowship, University of Cincinnati, Department of Classics, 2016.
  • Graduate Student Governance Association Research Fellowship, University of Cincinnati, 2017.
  • Archaeology of Portugal Fellowship, Archaeological Institute of America, 2017.
  • Getzel M. Cohen Memorial Travel Grant, University of Cincinnati, 2017.

Experience & Service

Work Experience

  • 2009-2011,  Specialist, Apple Retail Store, Apple Inc, Dedham, MA.
  • 2009-2010,  Information Technology Consultant, International Society for Infectious Diseases, Brookline, MA.
  • 2005-2009,  Technology Consultant, Oberlin College, Center for Information Technology, Oberlin, OH.
  • 2012-2016,  Research Assistant for Dr. Steven Ellis, Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati.
  • 2011-,  Research Assistant for the Perseus Project, Tufts University.
  • 2008-,  Research Assistant for Dr. Drew Wilburn, Department of Classics, Oberlin College.
  • 2006-,  Research Assistant for Dr. Linda Grimm, Department of Anthropology, Oberlin College.


  • Representative, UC Graduate Student Governance Association 2012to2013.
  • Volunteer, International Day of Archaeology 2014to2017.
  • Treasurer, Department of Classics Graduate Student Association 2014to2015.
  • Speaker, “What Do Archaeologists Do, Anyway?,” Department of Classics Outreach Program 2015to2018.
  • President, Department of Classics Graduate Student Association 2015to2017.
  • Speaker, “Pompeii: Life from the Ashes,” Department of Classics Outreach Program 2016to2018.

Other Experience and Professional Memberships

  • 2008-to Present,  Member, Archaeological Institute of America.

Courses Taught

  •   Introduction to Classical Archaeology, Tufts University (Teaching Assistant).
  •   Techniques of Archaeological Excavation, Oberlin College (Teaching Assistant).
  •   HBO’s Rome, Oberlin College (Experimental College; Instructor and Co-Developer).
  •  -CLAS-3013 ROMAN CITIES .
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