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Carol  R.  Hershenson 

Title:  Junior Research Associate
Office:  203  Blegen Library
Tel: 513-556-3095
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My B.A. (University of Chicago) was in Linguistics, a perspective which informs my teaching of introductory and intermediate Greek and Latin. I have spoken extensively on diachronic continuities of syntax in Minoan vernacular architecture (the subject of two articles published in successive Cretological Congresses), and am currently writing about the architecture of PrePalatial Minoan settlements, with particular attention to social differentiation encoded in both settlement types and house forms.


  • PhD, University of Cincinnati, to Present.

Research Information

Research Interests

Bronze Age Aegean Architecture; LH III Period at Agia Irini, Kea; Classical Mythology.

Research Support

  • (Collaborator) Hatzaki, Eleni; Hershenson, Carol, INSTAP - 2016 NESTOR Funding (with Hershenson), Institute for Aegean Prehistory. (NESTOR2016); $6,000.00. 11/01/2015 to 11/01/2016. Status: Awarded.
  • (Collaborator) Hatzaki, Eleni; Hershenson, Carol, INSTAP - 2017 NESTOR Funding (with Hershenson), Institute for Aegean Prehistory. (2017 INSTAP); $6,000.00. 11/02/2016 to 11/01/2017. Status: Awarded.
  • (Collaborator) Hatzaki, Eleni; Hershenson, Carol,  NESTOR, the Bibliography of Aegean Prehistory (2018-2020), Institute for Aegean Prehistory. (2018 INSTAP); $6,000.00. 11/01/2018 to 10/31/2019. Status: Awarded.
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