The Episkopi-Bamboula Project (2001-present) is an investigation of the prehistoric site of Bamboula near the village of Episkopi on the south coast of Cyprus and west of the Kouris River, the most important transport route for copper from the Troodos Mountains.

Episkopi-Bamboula is one of four major urban sites on the island during the Late Bronze Age (c. 1500-1050 B.C.). The excavations are directed by Professor Gisela Walberg. The site has played an important role in the interpretation of the transition from the Late Bronze Age to the early Iron Age. It was an important trading center between the Middle East, Egypt and Greece and is therefore an ideal location for the study of cultural exchange in the eastern Mediterranean. One of the goals of the excavations is 1) to assess the interaction between the site and the interior of the island, 2) show the development of Bamboula during the Late Bronze Age from a small fortress, which protected transport on the Kouris River to a major urban center and seaport and 3) trace the process of change at the transition to the Iron Age.