book opened to the title page: The Works of Flavius Josephus

In this exclusive interview, UC Classics Professor Barbara Burrell talks with Flavius Josephus, former general of the Judaeans, now captive of the Romans, in the midst of the first Judaean revolt in 71 CE. The subject of their interview is the Essenes, a community of early Jewish desert dwellers whom some scholars suggest were the preservers and possibly the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls. From the Essenes’ unusual dining, bathing, and social habits, to their troubled relationship with the ever-growing Roman Empire, and Josephus’ budding interest in writing, the two find plenty to discuss!

Written by Barbara Burrell; featuring Barbara Burrell and Holt Parker; produced by Christian Cloke and Sarah Lima; featuring Vivaldi's Gloria; recording and editing by R. Aaron Allen Productions.