UClassics2019. is the response of the Department of Classics to the UC2019 initiative launched by the President of the University of Cincinnati. By 2015, when the class of 2019 arrives we will have accelerated our transformation into one of the world’s leading centers for the study of the ancient world by growing our size, impact, and reputation.

This will not be easy.

Size: we now have more faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate majors than ever before; our undergraduate courses enjoy the largest enrollments ever; and we have never had as much space as we have today.

Impact: we have greatly increased the level of publicity about the Greek and Roman past aimed at other scholars as well as at the general public; and we now invest more extensively in high-profile archaeological and other projects.

Reputation: we now stand higher in national rankings of graduate programs than ever before; our faculty and graduate students have received a growing number of awards in recent years; and our resources have never been used as intensively as today.

But it will be possible with your help.

Growing our size: we plan to add two faculty lines to the 14 we have today to cover an even broader spectrum of research interests in the ancient world; create a staff position to better manage the data collected in our excavation projects; graduate more MA and PhD students per year and attract more international students; serve more undergraduate students and especially Classics and Classical Civilization majors; offer a greater variety of undergraduate courses under the semester system; and use the increased space in the Department of Classics and the associated Classics Library effectively, by creating additional offices to house the new faculty and staff, rationalizing the archives of the various excavation projects, installing permanent exhibits of ancient artifacts from our study collection and of early editions from the Classics Library’s extensive holdings, and accommodating more internal and external users of our archives and of the Classics Library.

Growing our impact: we want to enhance our support of scholarly productivity; increase the number and size of external project grants; expand our outreach program to include more constituencies in the greater Cincinnati area; publicize our lectures and research programs more aggressively; and provide for the long-term sustainability of the data collected by our archaeological and other projects, by creating a better environment for the archives, making them more accessible digitally and otherwise, and adding a teaching laboratory for graduate and undergraduate students in archaeology.

Growing our reputation: we aim at improving our rankings among the nation’s premier graduate programs; expanding the number of awards and other forms of recognition, nationally and internationally, for our faculty; adding more Fulbright and other such scholarships to the honor roll of our graduate students; and increasing the number of returning Tytus Fellows and other such visitors who will want to relive the experience they had in the Classics Library.