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A translation of all documents from ancient Alexandria that survive on papyrus.

BGU 1151.2

Loan (synchoresis)

April 12, 13 BC

(a) Addressee

|26 To Protarchos,

(b1) Party 1

|27 from Gaius Iulius Philios,

(b2) Party 2

and from Agathokles the son of Sarasinos and from Lykarion |28 the son of Apollonios, both Persians of the epigone.

(c) Declaration about the receipt of the loan

Concerning the points at issue, Agathokles |29 and Lykarion agree that they have received from Gaius Iulius Philios through the money-changing bank of Kastor an interest-free (?) loan |30 of 70 Ptolemaic silver drachmas, which they also agree to pay back within three |31 months starting from the first of Pachon of the present 17th year of Caesar (Augustus), by giving each day |32 the 5 obols due (each day) until the aforesaid balance is paid |33 without skipping a single payment, and they agree to do this without (the need for) a trial |34 or any argument,

(d) Penalty clause

but if not, they agree that they are liable to seizure and that they can be held under arrest on whichever day |35 they skip, without waiting for the time apportioned  |36 to them, until they pay the entire principal or whatever will be owed (at that time) plus 50% |37 and for the time that has passed (the due date) they agree to pay  interest of two drachmas (per 100 drachmas per month) in accordance with state regulation, while the right to execute (the claim) belongs |38 to Gaius Iulius Philios from the two debtors, who are mutually responsible for payment, and from whomever of them he chooses |39 and from all of their belongings as if by virtue of a legal decision, and also from the two woodselling workshops belonging to one of them, |40 Agathokles, in the |41 Delta (area in Alexandria), one in the area called Kamptra near the Kibotos, and the other in the |42 area called Kepikon Balaneion, and they also agree until they pay off |43 to make sure that the (workshops) remain unalienated and unencumbered by debt, and if a risk arises |44  concerning them …, even so this loan is free |45 from any risk, with all safeguards (and) every kind of protection they introduce being without effect,

(e) Note on other loans

|46 while the right to proceed remains to Gaius Iulius Philios against the same concerning the |47 other debts which they owe to him and ... |48 … in accordance with other documents.

(f) Request for registration

We request (registration).

(g) Date

Year 17 of Caesar (Augustus), Pharmouthi 17.

(h) Content note

|49 … |50 … and Lykarion ... |51 … at the place called Kepikon Balaneion |52 ... |53 apart from the (debts) which Agathokles |54 and Lykarion owe ... |55

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