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Steven Ellis will present some of the results of our excavation of a fish-salting industry near the Porta Stabia at Pompeii at the forthcoming Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America.  The paper is: 'The Rise and Reorganization of the Pompeian Salted-Fish Industry' (Saturday Jan 8, 2011. Session 5b). 


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PARP:PS is featured in the new National Geographic Series 'When Rome Ruled,' produced by Atlantic Productions.

There is no schedule for the airing of this series, but the trailer is online and features our own project quite a bit. Look for a cgi reconstruction of our blocks around the gate as well as interviews with Steven Ellis and more videos of the excavation. 

The series is described as:

This major new series takes in the most iconic names and places of Roman history but shows how we are now seeing them in a different way. We join the experts uncovering the lives of the working class during Pompeii’s last twenty-four hours in a newly excavated area of the city; discover the secrets of Rome’s engineers through new finds made during the construction of a new metro tunnel under Rome; see the real face of Caesar with a bust recently found under the River Tiber; and reveal the secret of Rome’s military success through lost weapons and letters written on waxed tablets on the frontline of the Empire. And we uncover fresh takes on key events such as the invasion of Britain, the destruction of Pompeii and the opening of the Colosseum.

See the trailer below.

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The report of the 2009 season of PARP:PS, focusing on the VII.7.1-15 block is now published at Fasti Online. The report is a free download.
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This page is meant to give some more details on the use of iPads to document our excavations. This is being explored in greater depth at the blog Paperless Archaeology.

There have been many infrastructural changes at PARP:PS over the past year, many of which center on the closure of excavations in VIII.7.1-15 and the opening of excavations across the road at insula I.1.1-10. This expansion of the project - its aims and responsibilities - led to the reorganization of the team and the way in which we do things. The most immediate of these changes saw the introduction of a completely electronic workflow for digital recording centered around iPad tablet computers; a veritable 'paper-less project'.

The iPads helped us replace field notebooks, clipboards of forms, large drawing boards with piles of A3 paper for drawing, and even little things like calculators and To Do lists.

The recent interest that Apple took in the ways we have revolutionized our field-work resulted in a feature article at their website (the original URL, http://www.apple.com/ipad/pompeii, is no longer active but you can see a pdf of the page here). Given the massive volumes of traffic to that story, and thus to our project, we thought it could be useful to outline a little more fully the ways in which this new technology is helping us to document our excavation of a complex urban neighborhood.

We can outline some of the uses of the iPads here, but we are still gathering some usability information from the trench supervisors and hope to have a more formal presentation this winter. Come back soon as we will also upload some of our training materials so that you can experiment with these methods (or improve them) on your own.

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