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President: Dr. Antonis Kotsonas

Antonis is a faculty member in the Department of Classics. He has worked at various institutions in Britain, Greece, and the Netherlands. His research focuses on the material culture, socio-cultural and economic history of Greece and the Mediterranean. He has several active research projects in the Aegean, especially on Crete.

Vice President: Dr. Susan E. Allen

Susan is a faculty member in the Department of Anthropology. She has worked on excavations and surveys in the United States, Israel, Romania, Cyprus, Greece, and Albania, and is currently preparing the final publication of the Southern Albania Neolithic Archaeological Project excavations at the Early Neolithic site of Vashtëmi, Albania, which she co-directed, and continuing archaeobotanical research on the Mycenaean sites of Tsoungiza and Iklaina, in Greece. Her research focuses on the transition to agriculture and rise of complex societies in southern Europe.

Secretary: Alice Crowe

Alice is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Classics, whose interests include spatial analysis, Near Eastern archaeology, and Aegean Prehistory.

Treasurer: Dr. Kathleen M. Lynch

Kathleen is a faculty member in the Department of Classics. A pottery specialist, Kathleen has worked at excavations in Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Albania. Her primary research interest is figured pottery from ancient Athens, and she has spent many summers at the excavations of the Athenian Agora. She is chair of the AIA Fellowships committee, and recently published a new book, The Symposium in Context, which has been awarded the prestigious James R. Wiseman Award. Read an interview with Kathleen about her book here: